Birch Leaf - Exorcism. Purification. Protection.


Birch Leave is a common ingredient in protective and exorcism ritual, as the Birch is a purificatory and cleansing herb.

Traditionally in Russia the tree was used for protection by hanging a red ribbon around the stem of a Birch to rid themselves of the evil eye. 

The traditional broom of the Witches was made from Birch twigs. 

Gender: Feminine. Element: Water. Planet: Venus. Deity: Thor.

The birch tree has leaves containing high levels of vitamin C. They're diuretic, antibacterial, topically soothing and purifying for the skin. Also considered an antiseptic, counter-irritant, astringent and anti-inflammatory, and is used to treat alopecia, eczema and psoriasis.

Botanical name: Betula pendula. 100ml Glass jar with gold screw top.

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