Aromatherapy Essential Oils

We make many aromatherapy products, so sourcing the best quality oils is a high priority for us. We have received many compliments about the quality and good energy our aromatherapy collection has. 

We buy in bulk from reputable companies that grow and process oils, without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, or GMOs.  As we buy in bulk, we are able to pass on the savings to you. 

Our Aromatherapy collections are made either in a grounding, healing or protection circle and are infused with reiki and crystal energies. 

Our 30ml bottles come in a beautiful cobalt blue with a black cap and dropper. 

Our Chakra Oil range come in 10ml bottles with a black cap and dropper. 

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Frankincense 100% Essential Oil 30ml
Lemongrass Organic Essential Oil 30ml
Spellcrafting Aromatherapy Collection - 7 Bottles - 30mls
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orange sweet organic oil
Energy Essential Oil 30ml
Rosemary 100% Essential Oil 30ml
Lavender Bulgaria Essential Oil 30ml
Lavender Essential Oil 30ml
Patchouli Essential Oil 30ml - Grounding
white soap with essential oils. inspired by 3 australia.
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Peppermint Essential Oil 30ml
Thyme Essential Oil 30ml
Thyme Essential Oil 30ml
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Mystical Moon Manifestation 100% Essential Oil 30ml
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