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Herkimer Diamond - Dreams. Visions. Purification. Spiritual.
Peacock Ore Rough - Power Meditation Stone
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Black Tourmaline Natural - Inspired By 3 SALE Australia
Blue Calcite 2cm - Communication. Calming.
Fluorite Octahedrons - Clearing Energy. Clarity. Memory.
Black Obsidian Arrowhead - Protection & Cleansing
Peridot Natural Stone from New Zealand - Balancing Energy
Amethyst Natural Points - Meditation
Kyanite Black Small - Psychic Ability. Past Life Recall
Green Calcite - Inspired By 3 Australia
Seer Stone Rose Quartz - Insight. Love.
Azurite Suns Natural - Past Life. Connection to Atlantis.
Rose Quartz Unpolished - Love & Stress Release
Shungite Raw - Psychic Protection. EMF.
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Fuchsite - Calming Crystal. Inspired By 3 Australia
Selenite Unpolished Wand 22cm - Spiritual Growth & Meditation
Fluorite Crystals
Tektite - Strengthening Energy Field (Meteorite)
Malachite - Purification. Protection. Arthritis.
Pink Tourmaline - Self Love. Joy. Inspired By 3 Australia SALE
Blue Calcite Chunks. Inspired By 3 Australia SALE
Aquamarine Natural Chunk  - Stone of Courage. Compassion.
Smoky Quartz Points Morella - Purification. Protection. Detox.
Emerald Natural - Healing & Love
Rose Quartz Chunks - Love & Stress
Amethyst Natural Point in Adjustable Macrame
Sodalite Natural Piece - Clears Electromagnetic Pollution
Jet Unpolished Provides Protection & Purification Inspired By 3
Vivianite - Relieves Stress & Burnout. From the Ocean.
Apatite Natural - Balancing Energy
Black Obsidian Natural Chunk - Protection
Atlantisite Natural Chunk - Earth Healer
Herkimer Diamond Silver Ring Size 8 - Dreams. Visions. Purification. Spiritual.
Aragonite Sputnik  - Balance Energies, Strength & Confidence
Black Obsidian Natural Chunk - Protection
Lepidolite Natural Small - Electromagnetic Pollution
85 results
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