Bracelets - Sterling Silver

The standard sizes of our handmade beaded bracelets fit wrist size 17.5cm, if you require a different size, please send us a message after ordering and will ensure you receive the correct size. 

The sterling silver bangles are  all different sizes, please see the photograph with the ruler to determine your size. 

31 results
Larimar Sterling Silver Chunky Bracelet - Earth Goddess
Larimar Sterling Silver Bangle - Goddess Yemaya - Goddess of the Ocean - Healing
Labradorite Sterling Silver Bangle - Goddess Ceridwen - Knowledge
Moonstone Rainbow & Topaz Silver Bangle - Goddess Selene - Protection
Moonstone Rainbow Silver Bangle - Goddess Hecate - Magick
Amethyst & Citrine Sterling Silver Bangle - Goddess Nike - Success
Aquamarine Rough Sterling Silver Bangle - Goddess Danu -
Clear Quartz Sterling Silver Bangle - Goddess Diana
Rose Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone Silver Bracelet - Love. Calming. Protective.
Chrysoprase & Garnet Silver Bracelet  Handmade at Inspired By 3 Australia
Carnelian and Amethyst Bracelet - Courage
Charoite and Clear Quartz Silver Bracelet- Healing. Negativity. Protection.
Peridot Sterling Silver Bracelet - Balancing Energy
Custom Made Bracelet - Sterling Silver
Tiger Eye & Black Tourmaline  Silver Bracelet
Red Jasper & Gold Sheen Obsidian - Grounding Bracelet
Chrysoprase & Garnet Silver Bracelet  - Connecting to Oneself
Citrine & Labradorite Sterling Silver Bracelet
Angelite & Quartz Sterling Silver Bracelet
Mookaite Jasper Sterling Silver Bracelet
Garnet & Ruby Zoisite Silver Bracelet
Inspired By 3 Rose Quartz and Amethyst
Rose Quartz & Rhodonite Sterling Silver Bracelet
Rose Quartz & Tourmaline Sterling Silver Bracelet
African Turquoise Sterling Silver Bracelet - Friendship
Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Bracelet
Amethyst Sterling Silver Bracelet Handmade in Australia
Amethyst and black obsidian sterling silver bracelet
Chakra Beaded Sterling Silver Bracelet handmade in Australia
Apatite & Clear Quartz Silver Bracelet
Malachite & Black Obsidian Silver Bracelet
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