Bracelets - Sterling Silver

The standard sizes of our bracelets fit wrist size 17.5cm, if you require a different size, please send us a message after ordering and will ensure you receive the correct size. 

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Amethyst Silver Bracelet Handmade at Inspired By Stawell
Malachite & Black Obsidian - Green & Black Goddess Bracelet
Rose Quartz and Tourmaline sterling silver bracelet
Chakra Bracelet Sterling Silver Inspired By 3 Australia
Rose Quartz and Rhodonite Sterling Silver Bracelet
Garent & Ruby Zoisite Sterling Silver Bracelet
Inspired By 3 Rose Quartz and Amethyst
Apatite Bracelet
Inspired By 3 Rose Quartz Bracelet
African Turquoise Sterling Silver Bracelet - Friendship
Amethyst and black obsidian sterling silver bracelet
Shamanic Journeying Bracelet
Mookaite Jasper Sterling Silver Bracelet
Angelite & Quartz Sterling Silver Bracelet
Citrine & Labradorite Sterling Silver Bracelet - Temple of the Stars
Chrysoprase & Garnet  - Connecting to Oneself
Red Jasper & Gold Sheen Obsidian - Grounding Bracelet
Shungite & Quartz Sterling Silver Bracelet - Psychic Protection. EMF.
Tiger Eye & Black Tourmaline  - Protection & Strength
Sold Out
Custom Made Bracelet - Sterling Silver
Kunzite & Swarovski Bracelet - Divine Love & Peace
Moldavite Polished and Natural Silver Bracelet - Transformation & Protection
Peridot Sterling Silver Bracelet - Balancing Energy
Black Onyx sterling Silver Bracelet - Strength
Fluorite Rainbow Bracelet - Clearing Energy. Clarity. Memory.
Larimar Natural Bracelet & Silver Bead - Calming
Charoite and Clear Quartz Silver Bracelet- Healing. Negativity. Protection.
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