Witches Beginners Box - 75 items - The Craft.
Witches Altar Box - 42 Items - The Craft
Mystical Moon Collection - Working with the Lunar Cycles
Self-Love Healing Collection - A Journey to Inner Peace & Happiness
The Practical Witches Spell Book for Love, Happiness & Success
The Language of Houseplants - Cheralyn Darcey
The Witch's Wand - The Craft, Lore & Magic of Wands & Staffs
The Second Book of Crystal Spells - Ember Grant
Witches Herbal Apothecary  - Marysia Miernowska
Wicca Crystal Magic - Lisa Chamberlain
Wicca Book of Spells - Lisa Chamberlain
Pagan Portals: Animal Magic
Knot Magic - Sarah Bartlett
The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals & Stones - Margaret Ann Lembo
Crystal Healing for Women
Crystal Healing for Animals
Hedgehog Cute Cluster 438g
Rose Quartz Giraffe Carving 268g - Love. Peace.
Clear Quartz Alpaca Carving - Master Healer
Carnelian Mushroom - Courage
Rose Quartz Alpaca Carving - Love. Peace.
Titanium Fairy (Flame Aura) - Meditation. Psychic Stone.
Rose Quartz Cat Carving - Love & Peace
Amethyst Cluster with a Squirrel hand-carved into back
Pure Magic Oracle
Astral Realms- Crystal Oracle
Green Witch Oracle  - Cheralyn Darcey
Sold Out
Yogic Path Oracle - Sahara Rose & Danielle Noel
Triple Goddess Statue - Maiden, Mother & Crone. Pre-Order 8 November Delivery
Goddess Druanita - Queen of the Druids
Artemis - Goddess of Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon, Archery
Cernunnos - Horned god of the Forest & Music
Moldavite with Herkimer Diamond Silver Pendant & Chain 7.5g - Transformation & Protection
Moldavite with Herkimer Diamond Silver Pendant & Chain 8.7g - Transformation & Protection
Moldavite with Herkimer Diamond Silver Pendant & Chain 7.9g - Transformation & Protection
Moldavite with Herkimer Diamond Silver Pendant & Chain 7.9g - Transformation & Protection
Labradorite X-Large Silver Pendant - Magic
Rose Quartz X-Large Pendant - Love & Stress Relief
Rose Quartz Large Pendant - Love & Stress Relief
Chrysoprase Large Silver Pendant - Growth - Connection with Nature
Grounding Chakra Mist with Neroli & Patchouli oils Inspired By 3 Australia
Awakening Chakra Mist with  Rose Bulgaria & Ylang Ylang Inspired By 3 Australia
POWER - Peppermint & Bergamot
Healing Chakra Spray Inspired By 3 Australia
Agate Moss Tumble - Grounding. Nature Spirits. Inspired By 3 Australia
Amazonite Tumble - Wealth. Soothing. Inspired By 3 Australia
Amethyst Tumble Stone
Amethyst Brazil Tumble A Grade Inspired By 3 Australia
Magickal Herbal Collection - Gift Box - Updated to new herbs 12 October...
Agrimony - Remove Hexes. Helps Sleep. Inspired By 3 Australia
Angelica Root 20g - Visions, Protection. Healing. Removes Curses. Inspired by 3 Australia
Basil Leaf. Love. Soothes Tempers. Wealth. New Business. Protection. Inspired By 3 Australia
Amethyst Silver Bracelet Handmade at Inspired By Stawell
Malachite & Black Obsidian - Green & Black Goddess Bracelet
Rose Quartz and Tourmaline sterling silver bracelet
Chakra Bracelet Sterling Silver Inspired By 3 Australia

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