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We are Reiki Masters/Teachers and trained in Japan with Inamoto Hyakuten Sensi, a Japanese Buddhist monk of the Pure Land (Jodo Shu) sect. He was a student of Yamaguchi Chiyoko (1921-2003), who was a student of Chujiro Hayashi (1879-1940), who in turn was a student of Usui Sensei, the founder of Reiki. 

In addition to Reiki, we also offer: Past Life Regression; Shamanic Extraction Healing; Psychic Intuitive Readings; Hot Stone Massage; Pyramid Meditation; Sound Vibration; Crystal Healing and other Celtic Shamanic practices. 

To make an appointment, please send us your contact details to melanie@inspiredby3.com.au and we will call you back to make an appointment time. 

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Complete Balance Healing - Most Popular
Past Life Regression 2- 3 Hours
Crystal & Sound Healing
Reiki Healing
Reiki Healing
Shamanic Extraction Healing - 2 Hours
Distant Healing
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