All these statues are made from a composite of Real Bronze Metal and Cold Cast Resin, and as can be seen the results are quite stunning. The hand-painted color accents and antique finish further add to the depth and richness of the artwork. A great deal of care is taken in producing and finishing each piece down to the felting of the base for the protection of furniture. 

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Hecate Statue - Goddess of the Crossroads, Magic & Sorcery.
Gaia Statue with Triple Moon Headdress
Triple Goddess Statue - Maiden, Mother & Crone.
Goddess Isis Trinket Box - Goddess of Marriage, Fertility, Magic & Medicine.
Goddess Druanita - Queen of the Druids
Ostara - Goddess of Spring
Artemis - Goddess of Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon, Archery
Cernunnos - Horned god of the Forest & Music
Morrigan and Crow - Goddess of Magic, Water & Witches.
Brigid - Goddess of Healing, Poetry. Fire, Sun and Hearth.
Thoth 39cm Statue - God of Wisdom and the Moon & Spring
Thoth 24cm Statue - God of Wisdom and the Moon & Spring
Goddess Danu with Child - Strength. Wisdom. Magic.
Odin - God of Wisdom, Poetry, Divination and Magic.
Jester on Sundial with Puppy - Honesty. Free Speech. Fun. Magic. Loyalty
Jester on Sundial with Duck - Honesty. Free Speech. Fun. Magic.
Bast Standing Large Statue - Protection of Children & Homes
Archangel Michael with Shield
Sold Out
Steampunk Dragon - Wisdom, Strength. Hidden Knowledge.
Guardian Angel with Child
Bast Bookends - Protection of Children & Homes
Elen of the Ways  - Goddess of Wisdom.
La Justica - Divine Order. Law. Medium
Medusa with Bow - Protection
Cerridwen Goddess Statue - Keeper of the Cauldron
Wise Owl Statue - Wisdom & Guidance.
Bast - Protection of Children & Homes
Sun God Amun-Ra Statue Inspired By 3 Australia
Sun God Amun-Ra
Horus Statue - God of Kingship & the Sky
Hathor Large Statue - Sky Goddess
Zeus - God of the Sky.
La Justica - Goddess of Justice. Extra Large Statue
Goddess Fortuna - Good Fortune
Yemaya Statue - Goddess of the Ocean Inspired By 3 Australia
Steampunk Dragon Clock
Mother Mary - Large
54 results
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