Tumbled Stones

We have a large collection of tumble stones to choose from, each crystal comes with an information card and an organza gift bag.

Tumble stones have been polished making them a perfect massage tool to stimulate the meridians of the body, and to promote a free state of mind. They are a perfect size to carry, wear, hold and place on the body for healing.

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Amazonite Tumble - Wealth. Soothing. Inspired By 3 Australia
Amethyst Tumble Stone
Amethyst Brazil Tumble A Grade Inspired By 3 Australia
Angel Aura Quartz Tumble - Inspired By 3 Australia
Angelite Tumbled - Peace. Awareness. Communication.
Apatite Blue Tumbled - Psychic Activation, Access to Knowledge.
Apatite Green - Relaxation. Revitilisation.
Aquamarine Tumble - Compassion. Stress Relief. Inspired By 3 Australia
Aventurine Green Tumbled - Growth & Fortune
Black Agate Tumble  - Bereavement. Peace. Anxiety.
Black Tourmaline Large Tumbled - Deflects Negative Energy
Black Tourmaline Tumbled - Deflects Negative Energy
Bloodstone Tumble - Purification. PMS.
Blue Aventurine Tumbled - Connection to Angel Raphael
Blue Goldstone Tumbled - Empath Stone
Blue Lace Agate Tumble - "I express my thoughts authentically and with clarity."
Blue Quartz Tumbled - Restores Harmony & Balance.
Botswana Agate Pink Tumble - Emotional Healing Energy
Bronzite - Thoughtfulness. Balance all Chakras. Inspired By 3 Australia
Bumble Bee Jasper Tumbled - Joy. Vitality.
Calcite Yellow Tumbled - Clarity of Insight. Confidence.
Caribbean Blue Calcite Tumble - "I am calm and at peace with myself and others."
Carnelian Tumbled - Courage
Chakra Healing Tumbled Set
Chalcedony - Communication. Clarity. Confidence. Mental Health.
Charoite Tumble - Protection. Healing. Negativity.
Chevron Amethyst Tumbled Large - Manifestation. Psychics Tool
Chiastolite Tumbled - Akashic Records. Psychic Protection.
Chrysocolla Tumbled - Inner Strength. Calming. Divine.
Chrysoprase Tumbled - Growth - Connection with Nature
Citrine Tumbled - Manifestation
Cobaltoan Calcite Tumbled - Aphrodite Stone - Talisman of Love
Crazy Lace Agate Inspired By 3 Australia
Dalmation Jasper Inspired By 3 Australia
Dendritic Agate - Earth Healer
Dragons Blood Jasper Tumbled - Courage. Creativity.
117 results
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