Candle Care

In order to achieve a safe and optimal burn of your beeswax candle we have put together a few key points that should be followed;

Lighting your candle: Most of our candle range can be lit easily with a normal lighter or match, however for the tall pillar candle and jar candles we recommend using a long stove lighter or BBQ matches. If you are lighting a tall jar candle it is advised that you don’t allow the flame to make contact with the glass (aim to have the flame heating a wall of wax rather than bare glass)

Wick Trimming: When you first receive your beeswax candle it will be pre trimmed to an optimum length for lighting the candle.

As the candle burns down you may notice the candle rapidly flickering or becoming dim, this is an indication that the wick requires trimming. If you would like to keep your candle lit our wick scissors can be used to trim the top of the wick while alight. Alternatively you may extinguish the wick and let it cool, then the top of the wick can be broken off by hand and the candle will be ready to re-light.

Extinguishing: As we use natural cotton wick, it will smoke if you blow out your candle, therefore the following instructions are recommended.

The best way to extinguish your candle is to bend the wick over into the pool of liquid wax and then straighten it back up immediately. This extinguishes the candle without releasing smoke and at the same time coats the wick in wax, which makes it much easier to light for next time.

Off centre burning: Occasionally you may find your candle seems to be melting one side of the wax more than the other, the most common cause of this is a draught.

In order to correct the candle, simply rotate as it burns or if possible eliminate the draught. If the wick has been bent off centre to the candle it may be pushed back to centre using your wick dipper.

Candle Safety: When burning your candle, ensure it is on a stable, non-flammable surface, away from vibrations and draughts. Keep the candle out of reach and interference of children and animals. Never leave your candle unattended. Misuse could lead to injury or death.

Bloom: is the natural white frosting that appears over time on the surface of beeswax. It is somewhat similar to that of chocolate and is harmless.  It is a good indicator of whether a candle is, in fact, made of beeswax. Bloom has a tendency to occur when the wax gets cold. To remove, which is not necessary, simply heat gently by sitting it in the sun, with a hair dryer or wipe with a cloth, expired nylon stocking or by hand. Bloom is also good for the skin!

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