Silver Earrings

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Quartz, Clear Silver Stud Earrings - Master Healer
Moonstone Stud Silver Earrings - Inner Peace & Harmony
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Herkimer Diamond Silver Studs - Dreams. Visions. Purification. Spiritual.
Sapphire Silver Faceted Stud Earrings - Awareness. Discipline
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Charoite Silver Stud Earrings - Healing. Negativity. Protection.
Garnet Silver Stud Earrings - Emotional Healing. Protection.
Moonstone Faceted Stud Silver Earrings - Inner Peace & Harmony
Larimar Silver Stud Earrings  - Calming
Blue Kyanite Silver Stud Earrings - Tranquility & Calming
Amethyst Silver Stud Earrings - Intuition and Protection
Labradorite Stud Silver Earrings - Magic
Moonstone Rainbow Lotus Flower Silver Earrings - Inner Peace & Harmony
Labradorite Silver Lotus Flower Earrings - Magic
Star Sapphire Silver Moon Earrings - spiritual enlightenment. inner peace
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