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Spell Candle Collection Box - 36 Candles, 2x Cute Star Shaped Candle Holders
Witches Altar Box - 42 Items - The Craft
Mugwort - Sleep, Rest, Consecration, Strength. Psychic Dreams, Clairvoyance & Protection.
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Witches Beginners Box - 75 items - The Craft
Magickal Herbal Collection - Gift Box - Updated to new herbs...
PROTECTION & CLEANSING - Palo Santo, Lavender, Sage, Frankincense, Clove, Cinnamon, Fennel, Cardamon, Black Pepper,
Three Kings Charcoal for Burning Herbs & Incense 100% Natural
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Rose Petals 15g - Love. Peace. Harmony.
Apatite Blue Tumbled - Psychic Activation, Access to Knowledge.
Natural Remedy Box to Protect, Cleanse & Heal. White Sage. Crystals. Inspired By 3 Australia
Catnip Herb Organic - Cat Magick. Love. Beauty & Happiness.
Herkimer Diamond - Dreams. Visions. Purification. Spiritual.
Green taper wishing candle for spell work
Angelica Root 20g - Visions, Protection. Healing. Removes Curses. Inspired by 3 Australia
Frankincense Resin 50g - Protection. Meditation. Spirituality.
White taper wishing candle for spell work. Ritual Candle.
Wishing Candle - Black
Damiana Herb 40g - Lust. Love. Visions. Tantra Magick. Astral Travels. Inspired By 3 Australia
Vervain - 20g. Love. Money. Purification. Peace. Protection.
Angel Aura Quartz Tumble - Inspired By 3 Australia
Red taper wishing candle for spell work
Pink taper wishing candle for spell work
Amethyst Pendulum on Chakra Chain Inspired By 3 Australia SALE
Wellbeing Box - Ease Stressful times and uplift the mind!
Tiger Eye Blue Tumbled - Stress & Anxiety Relief
Blue Lace Agate Large Tumble - Communication. Thyroid.
Purple taper wishing candle for spell work
Chrysocolla Tumbled - Inner Strength. Calming. Divine.
Rue - Love. Healing. Health. Exorcism. Headaches. Breaks Hexes.
Crystal Purification Blend 50g - Cleanse your Crystals  Inspired By 3 Australia
Rose Quartz Pendulum with Chakra Chain Inspired By 3 Australia
Labradorite Blue Flash Tumbled - Magic & Protection
Charoite Tumble - Protection. Healing. Negativity.
Harmony Chakra Spray Geranium & Chamomile Inspired By 3 Australia
White Sage Stick Large (Home Grown) - Cleansing. Protection. Healing.
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Gold taper wishing candle for spell work
918 results
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