Spell Magick

Spell Magick

Spell Magick in its most basic form is really quite simple and fun to practice, it is not always the deeply mysterious or exotic practice that some people portray it to be.
A spell is simply words that are spoken or written to bring about a specific result, words such as ‘I have optimal good health’ followed by the words, ‘so mote it be and for the good of all’ is an example of a desired outcome using a visualised manifestation technique. The practice of spell casting has been around for centuries and is widely practiced today worldwide.
Spells are used to help people achieve their goals, through setting their intentions and manifesting their thoughts and dreams into actions. Indeed, what you think and what you say has more power than you can contemplate, until you understand the power of self- talk and visualisation.
Visualisation of the outcome you want to achieve plays an important part in spell magick, this is due to the metaphysical nature of the universe and the natural law of ‘like attracting like’. For example, if you think that no matter how hard you try to find a job, you never will, because you are not good enough, and you tell yourself this on a daily basis, then you are actually manifesting this outcome. This is truly a form of magic that people use against themselves, without realising, as they are putting this message out to the universe, which the universe in turn, returns back to you, what you have asked for.
Therefore, by visualising a situation that you want to happen, you then send out this message to the universe, the universe will listen, and the image that you sent out, will return back to you, you only have to ask, as mentioned above. You need to be aware that the image may not come back in the form you are expecting, for example, a job offer arrives the very next day. It might not be as clear cut as that, there might be a series of events that lead to the job, you just need to be wide awake and connect the dots. Magick therefore, is a natural process, that can enable us to bring about wonderful changes to our lives and the lives of others when used correctly and with pure intent.
Goals must be short, sharp and clear there is no room for ambiguity, the message you send out must not be open to misinterpretation. Also, it helps to choose the right time for casting your spell, by choosing the best days for specific issues and working in harmony with the phases of the moon for further enhancement, as follows: 
  • Monday – healing; peace; purification; and psychic connection
  • Tuesday – protection, passion, sex, and courage
  • Wednesday – divination; wisdom and travel
  • Thursday – prosperity, success in careers; and generosity
  • Friday – love; relationships; friendships; and beauty
  • Saturday – legal matters; and endings
  • Sunday – strength and spirituality
When enhancing your spell further through working with the moon energy, call upon the Moon Goddess of your choice: Selene; Artemis; Luna; Diana or Hecate and gives thanks for her many blessings and guidance. 
The moon is waxing between the time of the new moon and the full moon, this is the time when powerful attracting energies are optimal. Spells for fertility, romance and growth are indicated at this time, as the waxing moon provides us with energy and inspiration for new beginnings. When the moon is full, powerful psychic energies assist with meditation, divination and healing, this energy is present for several days before the actual full moon and for several days afterwards, this is a good time for appreciation and evaluation of your goals. When the moon is waning from the full moon to the dark moon, this is the time for elimination, to remove things or people from your life that no longer serve you, a time to let go of bad habits, a time to clear out your home etc.. During the dark moon phase use this time to meditate deeply into yourself and re-evaluate your chosen path and if needed set new goals in time for the next moon cycle.
Spell magick is a ritual practice that requires preparation and deep thought, so that clarity of expression can be achieved, for you by you.
It is important that you set up an altar in your home that is sacred to yourself and in a quiet place. The altar is basically what you make of it, a simple or elaborate setting it is a personal preference, and there are no set rules. A simple altar might have candles, crystals, some incense, a cauldron, herbs, white sage, an object which is meaningful such as a statue of a Goddess or photograph, and so on. A more elaborate alter might include a whole range of items that have been collected and used in spell work or healing work for many years.
Candle magick is often used when casting spells, meaning that specific coloured candles and crystals are used for specific goals, for example, Rose Quartz crystals and pink or red candles for love spells.
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Blessed be
Lydia, Melanie & Jessica
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