A guide on how to use Magickal Herbs

A guide on how to use Magickal Herbs

Magic can be defined as “the practice of causing change through the use of powers as not yet defined or accepted by science”

The basis of herb magic then is the power…power that is generated and indeed maintained by the universe…from the germination of a single seed to the energy that spins our planet…the energy behind birth, life and death of all living things…since ancient times herbs have been used in healing, rituals and spell work.

Each herb just like each crystal, has its own vibrational rate which is determined by its chemical make-up, and density…the powers resident in herbs are determined by the plants habitat, scent, colour, form and other considerations. Herb magic is therefore the use of herbs to cause a needed change.

For maximum effect herbs should be chosen for a spell or ritual with the vibration to meet the specific need, for example, Cedar is fine for attracting money, but would not help in a fertility spell.

It is not the intention of this blog to detail the many thousands of herbs and spells and rituals available for all manner of things, (there any many books and search engines available on this subject), rather to provide a very basic introduction or awareness for those potentially interested.

We are often asked how to use herbs, what to do with them, and so on… and when to use them… 

Contrary to popular belief you do not have to wait for a full moon ritual, you can use herbs spells and rituals at any time of the year, during any kind of weather and any time day or night.

For herb magic you only need a few basic tools, the herbs, seeds and flowers themselves, a mortar and pestle for grinding, and a large wooden bowl (not metal), an incense burner, candles and candle holders, charcoal pieces and jars to store your herbs. You may also need a large ceramic or glass bowl when making infusions. The altar or spell table is also essential, as this is the place where spells are cast, where herbs are enchanted, and where all magical work is done. When working outdoors a flat rock or tree stump will do nicely.

It is important to prepare yourself before you engage in herb magic, make sure you are relaxed, and wear clean loose clothing… add a sachet of cleansing herbs to your bathwater beforehand perhaps.. then it is time for visualisation, creating a vision and picture in your mind of your need.

In magic, visualisation is used to direct power by forming a clear picture of your need, as if you have already obtained it, or as if it has already come to fruition, for example, you got the job and are already working there.

It is important that you only cast spells for yourself, casting spells for others will need their permission, although you could make up items as gifts for friends and family to avoid such problems.

Now to address the How do I use them question?

Enchanting the herbs aligns the vibrations of the plants with your magical need, this can involve a mixture of herbs to be enchanted (one by one), or a single herb.

The process can begin when the herbs are collected from the wild, as a preliminary enchantment, ”I am collecting these herbs for”, then when you are ready to enchant, place all herbs on the alter around the mixing bowl, light the appropriate coloured candles, and commence your visualisation.

Next add the herbs to the mixing bowl, running your fingers through the herbs, chanting slowly and softly your need, for example, “rose petal, rose petal bring love into my life” until you feel the enchantment is complete. It would be great if you could sing to your herbs as many shamans have done for generations.

Once enchanted the herbs can be carried or placed in the home (over doors and windows) in sachets, either bought or handmade.

Alternatively, infuse the herbs with boiling water (no metal pots) keep the liquid covered during infusion so that little steam is lost, (enchant before use). Use one teaspoon of dried herbs to every cup of water, let steep, and strain before using.

Used for tea, bathing or anointing the body. Another method if using in the bath is to place in a cheesecloth bag (or equivalent) and drop it into the warm bath water. Essential oils may also be added to the bath water (few drops).

Incense is basically any combination of plant materials, (can be mixed with essential oils) which are mixed together and burned or smouldered on charcoal. Also available in stick and cone forms for burning. In magical use, incense is burned for its vibrations alone as a kind of spell, while visualising, and can also be used in the background during healing treatments and other rituals. To use incense (ground in mortar and pestle), light a charcoal block in the incense burner such a cauldron, and sprinkle a small amount of the incense on the glowing charcoal every few minutes during your spell.

Herb magic can also be explained in terms of magical intentions, which are also magical needs such as love, money or protection. For example. herbs used for protection guard the bearer against physical and psychic attacks, injury and accidents, poison, snakebites, lightening strikes, wicked spirits and the evil eye …thus protective herbs are generally seen as preventive in nature. The most common magical intentions are for protection, love, healing, fertility, finances, hex-breaking, luck, happiness, manifestations and health.

Finally, herb magic is not a substitute for early intervention and accessing your general practitioner when you are unwell, it is an alternative and supplementary option, usually accessed when all other attempts have failed.

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Lydia Senior


Lydia Senior

Great information for newbies working out their craft. Blessings x

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