Raising Your Vibration to Protect Yourself - BLOG

Raising Your Vibration to Protect Yourself - BLOG

We are often asked, “How can I raise my vibration”? “How can I protect myself”? this Super Moon blog …the first of 2019, may go a long way to help you get started or simply refresh your current practice.

Raising your vibrational frequency actually strengthens your auric shield, and a strong auric shield is the best protection you can have against other people’s negativity and attachments that may find you.

In terms of raising our vibration it is important to remember that everything in the universe is in motion, all things move, vibrate and travel in circular patterns, and that each thing that exists has its own unique vibrational frequency. Everything is connected and everything vibrates.

Generally speaking, physical matter vibrates at a low frequency, colour vibrates within the spectrum of light, and our own thoughts, feelings and desires
vibrate at various frequencies and we send these vibrations out into the universe.

On a personal level, our vibrational frequency affects the people around us, and in return their vibrational frequency also affects us. Optimism is on the highest frequency continuum, whilst pessimism and cynicism are on the lowest frequency. We must therefore be careful about what we are putting out and taking in, as the universe itself absorbs all energy.

If we are vibrating at a high frequency, we are sending love out into the universe and love is the highest vibration of all. We can all choose positive thoughts and feelings and behaviours that raise our vibration and help us to grow spiritually. Or, we can choose or continue to react to negative thoughts and feelings and behaviours .

Negative thinking lowers our vibration and weakens our auric shield and leaves us unprotected. It closes us down to love and the flow of abundance and it prevents us from seeing the positive in the world around us. Negative thinking attracts more negativity which eventually makes us sick; and can develop into entity-like thought forms over time.

We can raise our vibration through a healing session which might last for up to one week, but without on-going action by the individual, it will not stay at this level.

Some actions we can take include: 

  • Being active instead of passive; changing the things in our lives that do not work;
  • Forgiving ourselves and others;
  • Releasing negative emotions and letting go of the past;
  • Focusing of love, the highest vibration;
  • Meditating on a regular basis, even if only for a short period of time, 10-15 minutes each day;
  • Tapping into our spiritual side, connecting with our angels, archangels, spirit guides, star beings etc; 
  • Using positive affirmations and visualisations;
  • Asking for help when we need it and tuning out the critical inner voice.

Finally, when our vibrational frequency is low, it is usually down to what we are thinking, our thoughts really do determine our feelings, and our feelings tell us what vibrational frequency we are on. So, by the laws of attraction, positive thoughts lead to positive feelings and so on. If you examine your feelings you should be able to relate them back to what you are thinking, try to journal your thoughts and feelings for one month and see what patterns emerge, we are sure you will be fascinated.

For 2019 lets us all focus on the positives for our beautiful planet and for those around us 🙌

Enjoy the first Super Moon of 2019 😍

Sending you Wisdom, Love and Power
Lydia, Melanie & Jessica

Photo: Inspired By 3 - Meditation Trip to McKenzie Falls, Grampians Victoria. Jessica, Charlotte & Amy.

Lydia Senior

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