We Are All Witches Author : Mairi Kidd


The voices of healers, seers and enchantresses have been hidden for generations. In this new collection from Mairi Kidd, their narrative is reclaimed as we delve into the world of women from history, mythology and folklore whose magical connections carved out a place for them as contemporary icons.

Weaving fact and fiction in a melodic portrayal of folklore, strength and femininity, Mairi Kidd invites readers to examine their beliefs, investigate the past and find power in the virtues of modern witchcraft. As stories of suspected witches, healers and those revelling in the power of magic are told, we imagine the lives of these women, not as unlucky victims but instead fascinating individuals whose experiences have previously been omitted from Scotland's colourful history now challenging the status quo.

As we journey through sixteen short stories of women involved in the supernatural, folklore and healing, from 'social witches' who are accused of betraying their communities to those who use their powers to cure others and malevolent spirits such as 'Nanny' in Tam O Shanter, we find reflections in modern life and lessons on everything from gender politics in the workplace and reproductive rights to ableism during the Covid 19 pandemic. We Are All Witches reinvigorates women from the past and encourages us to find our own inner sorcerer.


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