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Our extremely popular Witches Beginner Box is back in stock and includes a few extra additions, such as the Silver Pentacle Altar Tile, Glass Spell Jar, Large Cast Iron Cauldron with Handle, a pack of Rider Waite Tarot Cards and a Pack of the popular and easy to learn Crystal Healing Cards and fatter Altar Candles and a super large abalone shell all nicely presented in a 7.5 kilo box. 

1x 40mm Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

1x Original rider Waite tarot cards

1x Crystal Grid Reading Cards

1x Encyclopaedia of 5000 spells by Judika Illes
1x Book of Shadows Journal by Lucy Cavendish 
1x Triple Moon Black & Gold Altar Cloth 
1x AAA+ Quality Clear Quartz Pendulum
1x Jet Tumble Stone
1x Pentacle incense burner
1x Glass Spell Jar, with
Noctilucent powder to light up your magick
1x Pentacle Altar Tile
1x Altar Pentacle bell 
1x 20cm Selenite Wand
1x Turkey Feather 
1x Homegrown Medium to Large Sage Stick
1x Large Cast Iron Cauldron  with Lid, Handles and Tripod Feet
2x White Altar Bowls for water and salt
1x Rose Petals - Organic 
1x Meadowsweet  Organic 
1x Vervain - Organic 
1x Salt
1x Rue - Organic
1x Hawthorn Berries
1x Wishes Herbs & Resin Blend 
1x Mugwort - Organic
1x Yerba Mate - Organic
1x Catnip - Organic 
1x Agrimony - Organic
1x Extra Large Australian Abalone Shell 20cm
1x Pair of Tongs for charcoal use
1x Roll of Seven Kings Charcoal
2x White Altar Candles with Charms
1x Handmade Protection Smokeless Smudge Spray
1x Citrine Chunk Crystal
1x White Sage Soap Bar
1x Palo Santo Wood Stick
3x Red Spell Candles
3x White Spell Candles
3x Black Spell Candles
3x Green Spell Candles
3x Yellow Spell Candles
3x Blue Spell Candles
3x Gold Spell Candles
3x Orange Spell Candles
3x Purple Spell Candles
3x Silver Spell Candles
3x Brown Spell Candles
3x Pink Spell Candles
1x Pack of Incense
Spring of homegrown sage from our gardens


Includes free standard shipping. Weight 7.5kilos. Box Size: 39cm 28cm 14cm

If you want to add statues to your Altar, see our collection here If there is a specific statue you require that is not on our website, send us a message to see if we can get it for you.

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