Shamanic Extraction Healing


In addition to power loss and soul loss an individual can also suffer from intrusions which can manifest as physical illness in the body. Inappropriate or negative energies that have taken up residence in the body need to be removed so that the body can return to normal functioning, this therapy is known as shamanic extraction healing, it is the shamanic way. Intrusions can become lodged within our bodies through conscious or unconscious thought and projected like “curses” or psychic attacks that have a strong negative effect on the spiritual body.

These intrusions can be self-created thought forms that have become toxic over years of negative self -talk and poor self-image, or from living in a toxic environment. Intrusions are more able to take hold when there has been loss of power or if the Soul is fragile and depleted through Soul Loss. These toxic and invasive spiritual energies may also cause illness, or pain, often inflammatory in nature, usually in localised areas of the body, although they may move from place to place.

These aches and pains in western medicine are often referred to as psychosomatic pain from an unidentifiable cause. It is the role of the Shaman to extract and remove these harmful energies from the body by performing an Extraction Healing Ceremony.

Shamanic healing is a powerful and direct way to address the spiritual causes of illness, but it is not a replacement for regular medical advice and treatment. It is up to each individual to be responsible for their own spiritual journey and to make the changes necessary for ongoing spiritual wellbeing. The ceremonial process will be discussed in detail with the client prior to commencement. 

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