Shamanic Extraction and Soul Retrieval


Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Power Loss

This healing includes shamanic extraction healing as discussed under this heading. This healing is specific for those people who suffer from loss of power and deeper feelings of soul loss. Loss of power can result from basic self-neglect of our own needs, including lack of self-respect, as a result of tolerating unethical or manipulative behaviour, or suffering from extreme fear or anxiety or prolonged ill-health.

With loss of power, we feel exhausted and burnt out, constantly over-loaded, resulting in lack of interest in life activities more generally, and can begin to rely on or be subservient to other people and authority figures.

Soul Loss

If loss of power continues over an extended period, or a traumatic event occurs, this can lead to soul loss. When this happens, fragments of our soul become detached and lost, severely impacting on everything we do. Depression is a symptom of the sadness and melancholy affecting our soul and physical body.

Soul loss can occur through ongoing power loss or as a result of trauma such as, sudden life changing event or being on the receiving end of violent assault, invasion and/or aggressive behaviour, loss of home and life supports, long term neglect, PTSD

and soul theft…

When we suffer from soul-loss we feel numb or zombie like with frequent memory blank outs and feelings of apathy and a sense something is missing. Addictive patterns occur with a sense of isolation and loneliness due to disconnection and prolonged self-absorption.

Shamanic extraction and soul retrieval ceremonies aim to remove attachments and blockages and to bring back lost soul fragments and return them to the soul. This is achieved through traditional shamanic healing methods which go back thousands of years.

Shamanic extraction and soul retrieval $180

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