Selenite Unpolished Wand 15-20cm - Spiritual Growth & Meditation


Selenite has a very strong vibration, which assist in healing at an energetic level, as it resonates with the higher frequencies, along with the higher chakras. Working with higher frequencies makes it effective in opening the Crown Chakra, Soul Star Chakra and those above. With a connection to the divine light it can bring those energies down and anchor them into the physical body. This will assist in increasing one’s spiritual transformation.

Brings clarity of mind allowing to higher Angelic understanding. Calming stone installing deep peace. It pinpoints lessons and issues that are still unfinished and how to work on them. Clears confusion and helps you to see clearly. Non-judgmental is another one of its gifts.

Chakras: Etheric, Third Eye and Crown. Element: Wind and Air. 

We love our crystal wands, did you they have been used for healing by healers all over the world, and are traditional tools of Shamans and were even used by crystal healers in Atlantis?

They are a powerful tool for channeled universal healing energy, as they gather and direct energy to wherever you point.  The elongated, cylindrical shape of a wand enables the crystal to direct its healing energy in a straight line, and the wand's point focuses the crystal's energy so that it can be used on specific areas of the body.

Rough Measurements, as each piece is different in size: 15 to 20cm long x 2.5-3cm wide. 


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