Rue - Love. Healing. Health. Exorcism. Headaches. Breaks Hexes.


Also known as 'Mother of the Herbs' Rue can be great for headaches, by placing the herbs on the forehead.

Rue added to baths breaks all hexes and curses that may have been cast against you, and it is also added to exorcism incenses and mixtures. It is protective when hung up at the door or placed in sachets. 

Mix Rue juice with morning dew and sprinkle in a circle around you while performing magical acts for protection, if required.

Gender: Masculine. Element: Fire. Planet: Mars.
Deity: Diana. Aradia. 

Goat’s rue is a plant native to Europe and the Middle East. It has been used in herbal medicine to treat tuberculosis and to lower blood sugar levels. It’s also a popular breastfeeding herb used to increase the supply of breast milk. In fact, the name "Galega" is derived from "gala", meaning milk, and "ago", meaning "to bring on". It is mucilaginous and has a bitter, astringent taste. It is also a diuretic, has antibacterial properties and is used to help lower blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

Botanical name: Ruta graveolens. 25g in class pot with screw top lid and charged Quartz Crystal inside. 

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