Past Life Regression 2- 3 Hours


Past Life Regression (PLR) Introduction

PLR can give you access to your souls conscious memory enabling you to heal both past and present emotional and spiritual blocks and current illnesses. Sometimes modern medicine cannot explain why you have certain health and relationship issues and PLR is a proven method that relates to how past life events or traumas are carried forward into this life, and impacting upon our current life purpose and soul intention.

Clients are often curious about how there past life has made them who they are today. Who were they before, where did they live, what did they do, who was there soul mate, did they have children, how did they die, what happened after there death, how many times have they reincarnated, what karma they are carrying over from previous lifetimes, are the people in my current life also past life relationships, and so on. A journey back in time to recover our soul memories can be extremely transformative, as we re-experience everything from the time in our mother’s womb, our birth, events in-between and leading up to and including our death and time after death, as all of this detail is recorded in our mind, body and soul energetically.

By exploring our past lives we can begin to understand our current life situation and who we truly are as a person. We recognise that we have only one soul across all lifetimes and that this soul can be healed, if needed. If you are not sure if PLR is an option for you, the following dot points provide an indication of what PLR may help with:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress
  • Relationship issues with self and others
  • Understanding our life purpose
  • Understanding our life lessons
  • Spiritual development, inner peace and tranquillity
  • Physical symptoms, aches and pains
  • Fears and phobias

Do you want to find closure and answers to unresolved karma? 

What’s Involved? 

Utilising hypnotherapy to relax you into a state that will allow access to previous incarnations and those precious memories, good or bad, to help heal current issues. You will gradually move from a fully alert and awake state to a deep relaxed state, but still fully aware of everything around you, and you are still in control of the process. The therapist is merely the facilitator of the process, it is up to the client’s higher self and the client’s spirit guides how much is shared during the regression journey. 

The PLR process is in three parts, an intake interview for the therapist to “get to know” the client and the aims of the regression; the past life regression through hypnosis itself; and then a post past life regression review to determine how the outcomes of the PLR are impacting on current life issues and how this can be addressed.

Cost and time involved.

The entire process normally takes between two to three hours depending upon what is involved and costs $340. If further follow up sessions are required the fees are $70 per hour. The only preparation for the session is the completion of a brief questionnaire and to be willing and open to the experience.

Currently not available due to time constraints

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