Loki – God of Trickery, Mischief and Mayhem.



Loki – Norse God of Trickery, Mischief and Mayhem

He is one of the Aesir, but often finds himself at odds (and war) with them.

The son of two giants, Laufey and Farbauti. Loki was was so outrageously mischievous that he even sneaked his way into becoming a God!

He was married to Sigyn, meaning Victorious Girlfriend and his lover was Angurboda, who mothered Fenrir, Hel, and Jormungand.

His Animal associations are: Coyote, Horse, Jackal, Salmon and Wolf

His Plant association is: Benzoin

Loki is also known as: Loke, Loder, Lokkju, Lopter, Lopti, Loki-Laufeyjarson

Dimensions: 27(H) x 16(W) x 12(D) CM

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