Horns of the Goddess - Dolores Cannon


In 1983, Dolores was working with several individuals who volunteered for sessions to help her hone her craft in hypnosis. Over the years she had developed her own technique of hypnosis wherein the client would go into a very deep state of trance and be able to re-live the past life they were seeing.

When these individuals went back to a time in the past, it would be as if they were actually there. If there was something in our time that was not in their time, they wouldn't know what you were talking about.

This book is about the past lives of three of these volunteers who went back to the time of the Druids and were giving information about how it was to live during this time and the difficulties that were experienced while trying to live with the faith of Mother Earth.

The Inquisition was always lurking around trying to find these special groups that were not of their religion and were trying to force them to reveal information about their beliefs and practices. The Inquisition believed these special groups had powers and too much influence on the regular people.

So, come along with us and take the journey into the past. As Dolores would say "They thought they had gotten rid of us with the torture and burnings; but we're back!"


400 Pages.

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