Holy Sisters: Healing Meditations with Mother Mary & Kuan Yin - Alana Fairchild

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  • Healing Meditations with Mother Mary & Kuan Yin

    Calling upon the healing traditions of the divine feminine from the East and the West, the energies of Kuan Yin and Mother Mary combine beautifully for deep emotional healing and heart opening to grace. No matter what your spiritual, cultural or religious traditions might be, these holy sisters love you unconditionally and will bless you with healing grace and divine love.

    3 tracks, total run time approx 69 mins.
    Track 1 – Star of the East, Star of the West 23.15

    Be guided into deep connection to your own ancient soul and become able to experience the unconditional love of the spiritual worlds, experiencing the bliss of the energies of heavenly sisters, Kuan Yin – Star of the East, and Mother Mary – Star of the West. Receive their luminous presence and healing grace.

    Track 2 – Lotus Feet, Rose Crown 22.49

    Kuan Yin and Mother Mary, the holy sisters join their light to bring you grounding and healing through earth energy, then an opening up to divine blessing of spiritual light. The powerful divinity of the sacred lotus feet of divine mother Kuan Yin bring great release and blessing. The heavenly Rose Crown is the gift of the divine Mother Mary, which she bestows for grace and divine realisation, that our hearts may be freed from fear and filled with love.

    Track 3 – Kuan Yin & Mother Mary Interlude 22.47

    Surrender into the sounds of the holy sisters, being bathed in a healing sound bath to deepen your meditation or gently relax as you transition out of meditation and back into your day to day world, restored by their grace.


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