Hawthorn Berries - Fertility. Chastity. Fairy. Magic. Happiness.


Hawthorn Berries has long been used in rituals to increase fertility.

Carrying Hawthorn Berries promotes happiness if you are feeling depressed. 

The hawthorn is sacred to the Fairies, and is part of the tree fairy triad of Britain. "Oak, Ash and Thorn" and where all these three trees grow together, you are in the home of the Fairies. 

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mars. Element: Fire. Deites: Cardea. Flora. Hymen. 

To burn as incense, place a charcoal block onto a heatproof surface and light. When lit, place a small quantity of incense onto the block and allow the aromatic scent to pervade the room, adding more if required according to personal preference.

Botanical name: Crataegus oxacantha 100ml Glass jar with gold screw top.

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