Damiana Herb 40g - Lust. Love. Visions. Tantra Magick. Astral Travels.


Damiana can be smoked or drunk as a tea prior to a ritual. Many women in Mexico have found that a cup of damiana tea taken one or two hours before intercourse helps to immerse them in the sex act. It is believed to have a tonic effect upon the sexual organs and the nervous system.

Highly useful in tantra magick, astral travel, deep meditation, and spirit quests. It can also be burnt to promote visions & to open the chakras.

Gender: Masculine. Planet: Mars. Element: Fire. 

Note: Frequent internal use of this herb can be toxic to the liver.

40g in glass pot with charged quartz crystal. 

Botanical name: Turnera diffusa - AKA: Love Leaf, Mexican Damiana

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