Oracle Gift Set

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This Oracle Gift Set is perfect for those who meditate and enjoy daily oracle readings to receive support and guidance from the universe. it contains :

Marshmallow Root - Love, Protection. Psychic Development. 

Eudialyte Palmstone - Eudialyte is said to help you recognise synchronicities in your life, allowing you to solve problems by looking within yourself. People use it to enhance their psychic, telepathic and clairaudient abilities. With links to both the root and heart chakra, this stone helps you achieve not only the basic requirements in life but also helps you determine your heart’s desires.

11:11 Oracle Book - Dial into your cosmic inner support system with this comprehensive reference to the numbers in your life.

This unique resource of 11:11 paradigm-shifting messages connects you to supportive insight and uplifting wisdom. Discover the sacred meaning of the numbers you encounter every day and access the love, guidance, reassurance and inspiration the Universe is sending you.

Anytime you have a question, centre yourself in your heart, flip to a random page and read your answer.

Please seek medical advise before consuming Marshmallow Root, if pregnant of taking other medications, such as lithium. 

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