Catnip Herb Organic - Cat Magick. Love. Beauty & Happiness.


CATNIP Organic. Cat Magick. Love. Beauty & Happiness. 

Given to your cat, Catnip creates a psychic bond between the two of you. It is also intoxicating to the cat. Brilliant for nervous cats. 

Catnip can be used in love sachets, usually in conjunction with rose petals. If you hold catnip in your hands until it's warm, then hold anyone else's hand they will forever be your friend, as long as you keep the Catnip. 

Hang over your door to attract good spirits and good luck. 

Gender: Female. Element: Water.  Planet: Venus. Deity: Bast.

To burn as incense, place a charcoal block onto a heatproof surface and light. When lit, place a small quantity of incense onto the block and allow the aromatic scent to pervade the room, adding more if required according to personal preference.

Botanical name: Nepeta cataria. 20g in glass jar with crystal quartz gemstone. 

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