Candle Magick Collection Box - 36 Candles,

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Have your spell candles at hand when you need them, with our Candle Magick Collection Box. It contains 36 spell candles (wishing/ritual candles), a quartz geode,  a candle color chart, all presented in a gift box with white sage from our  gardens. 

Spell and ritual candles have been used throughout the ages to focus and direct intent and honouring and invoking the divine. You can use these candles during prayer, meditation and for ritual and spell work. They burn between 60-90 minutes.

We do sell candle holders separately here.

3x Red Spell Candles 

3x White Spell Candles

3x Black Spell Candles

3x Green Spell Candles

3x Yellow Spell Candles

3x Blue Spell Candles

3x Gold Spell Candles

3x Orange Spell Candles

3x Purple Spell Candles

3x Silver Spell Candles

3x Brown Spell Candles

3x Pink Spell Candles

1x Quartz Geode from Morocco  

Handful of white sage from our gardens.


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