Butcher's Broom 20g - Protection. Hexes. Wind. Divination.


Hang Butchers Broom in the home to keep evil out. An infusion of broom sprinkled through the house exorcises poltergeists.

It was once drunk as a tea to increase psychic powers, however this is not recommended these days as the plant is poisonous to ingest in large quantities.

To raise the winds, throw broom into the air while invoking the spirits of Air. To calm the winds burn broom and bury the ashes.

Health Properties: Diaphoretic. Diuretic. Deobstruent & aperient. May relieve lymphedema (arm swelling) following treatment for breast cancer. Please seek GP medical advice before use. 

Botanical name: Ruscus aculeatus. 25g in glass pot with charged crystal quartz.

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