Black Obsidian Sphere 6cm - Scrying - Protection. Cleansing.

$80.00 $65.00

Use this shiny Black Obsidian Sphere for scrying or in any part of the home or healing room where it is required.

Obsidian is a stone without limitations or boundaries that works extremely fast and with great power. It provides clarity and is a strong protective stone which deflects negativity and psychic attack. It is an excellent grounding stone that is effective at blocking geopathic stress and absorbing negative energies from the environment.

Obsidian gives insight into the cause of disease. It dissolves emotional blockages and promotes qualities of compassion and strength. It helps one to digest anything that is difficult to accept and promotes physical digestion. Obsidian reduces the pain of arthritis, joint problems, cramps and injuries. It is also effective against bacterial and viral infections.

Black Obsidian is an excellent protective stone, stabilising internal and external energies and gently protecting one from that which could bring physical or emotional harm. It provides a shield against negativity, transforming negative vibrations within an environment.

The arrowhead is a symbol of protection, courage and strength. It is also known to protect from illness and act as a guard against the Evil Eye. It deflects any negative energy, and protect the user from their enemies and absorbs their power.

includes a stand that is available at time of purchase. Wooden or silver or rose gold stand. 

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