Aventurine Green Elemental stones


Aventurine Green Elemental Stone Set

Aventurine is known to bring good fortune and blessings, manifestation and prosperity. It is a stone of self confidence and peace.  Wearing Aventurine also absorbs electromagnetic smog and guards against environmental pollution. Taped to a cell phone, it protects against its emanations. For those looking for love in their mature years, Green Aventurine may be used as a love crystal or added to a Heart Chakra layout as it encourages love later in life.

These beautiful elemental stones are perfect for ritual work and decorating your altar!

What each stone represents in this set:

Earth represents abundance, strength, femininity, wealth, prosperity and stability

Air represents our mind and intelligence, psychic powers, knowledge and dreams.

Fire represents energy, love, passion, inspiration and leadership.

Water represents emotions, purification, wisdom, the soul, subconscious, eternal movement, emotional aspects of love and femininity and absorption


The Pentacle is a symbol of love and light. It is a symbol of North, South, East, West and Spirit. And also represents Earth, Water, Air, Spirit and the Divine.

When the pentagram has a circle around it, it is called a Pentacle and ties all of the elemental quadrants together in unity. 



All the stones in this set are also worry/rubbing stones used for relaxation and to help ease anxiety.

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