Atacamite & Covellite Specimen 1.15Kilo - Aids Powerful Spiritual Visions

$312.00 $200.00

Bubbly specimen of Atacamite with Covellite 

Atacamite is a strong stone for the higher chakras and for many people it is known to help them open their third eye; to make contact with the spiritual realm and further develop psychic abilities.

Amazing psychic visions can be achieved through regular meditation with this stone. Atacamite has an excellent healing action within the throat chakra, immune system and thymus gland (higher heart chakra) and is also a strong heart-based stone, assisting you to attract love into your life. I

It is also known to aid elimination, especially of fear- based toxins.

Covellite is a very powerful stone that helps one bridge the physical and ethereal realms together. Our minds become open and clear when working with Covellite, helping one attune to the powerful energies these higher dimensions contain.



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