Agrimony - Remove Hexes. Helps Sleep.


Agrimony can be used for exorcisms and to remove spells and hexes sending the spell or hex right back to the person who cast it in the first place.

It makes particularly good sleep pillows for those who find it hard to sleep due to too much emotional turmoil and mental chatter.

Agrimony was associated with the Wheel of Fortune card in the tarot deck, and can be used in spells and rituals for magical healing.

Healing Properties: Agrimony has long been used by herbalists to heal wounds as it staunches bleeding and encourages clot formation. An astringent and mild bitter, it is also a helpful remedy for diarrhoea and a gentle tonic for the entire digestion system. Combined with other herbs such as Cornsilk, it can be a valuable remedy for cystitis and urinary incontinence, and has also been used for kidney stones, sore throats, hoarseness, rheumatism and arthritis.

Botanical name: Agrimonia eupatoria  100ml Glass jar with gold screw top.

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