Labradorite Sphere 922g - Magic & Protection

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Beautiful labradorite sphere with blue flashes. Labradorite the powerful wind element stone used for magic and divination, it activates the inner eye allowing one to clearly envision the past, future, and distant places of the lower, upper and middle worlds. 

It is a highly mystical and protective stone which brings in light. It forms a barrier to negative energies, releases fears and insecurities. It gives faith in self and trust in the universe. It is an amazing stone of transformation and can bring your dreams into reality. 

Crystal Balls (or spheres) can send energy in all directions; they are the most unified of all shapes and are a wonderful energy booster when you are feeling drained. Spheres are a great tool to use to help purify and to fill the gaps in the auric field, they are also good at preventing and improving degenerative diseases.

Crystal balls are often used as ‘windows’ to far away places - the past and the future. They have been used in the activity of ‘gazing’, as if from afar, in order to assist one in the evaluation of a present situation or circumstance.

You will receive this 90mm sphere with white sage from our gardens and information card. Stand not included.

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