Witchy Magic - Lucy Cavendish & Serene Conneeley


Step into the world between the worlds and the wisdom of your inner Witch to create an inspiring and magical life...

Wise Woman, Medicine Man, Priestess, Druid, Shaman, Witch... Throughout the ages these magical practitioners have worked with natural forces for healing, divination and greater understanding of the world and our place within it.

Today many more are feeling the call to walk the path of the Witch, to be healer, spellcaster, eco warrior, intuitive and ritualist. To connect again with the energy of the earth and the wisdom of Witchcraft.

From the authors of Faery Magic and Mermaid Magic comes an enchanting new adventure into the power and beauty of the Craft of the Wise, with clear guidance on how you can access this ancient knowledge to create the life you dream of.

Witchcraft is an earth-honouring spiritual path and an empowering, beautiful and balanced way of being at one with the universe, taking responsibility for your life, and transforming your every word and action into a ritual and an alchemical tool of change.

Within the pages of Witchy Magic you will:

  • Learn how to create your own magic through connecting with nature.
  • Craft and cast trusted spells for love, health, joy, wisdom, success and authenticity.
  • Weave magic with the seasons, the moon cycles and the elements of the natural world.
  • Celebrate the Sabbats with deep rituals and delicious seasonal treats.
  • Cast circles, create an altar, brew Witchy potions and craft enchanted tools.
  • Walk into the Mystery of prophecy, oracles and divination to determine your destiny.
  • Tap in to your own healing powers as you uncover the Witch as midwife, herbalist, Shamanic journeyer, energy practitioner, sacred ceremonialist and more.
  • Align your beliefs with your actions to help the planet through environmental activism.
  • Discover the fascinating history of Witchcraft, and how it has evolved in the modern world.
  • Unlock the secrets of Familiars, Ancestral magic and working both alone and with a coven.
Meet Dianic Wicca founder Z Budapest, Priestess of Avalon Kathy Jones, Wizard Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Wise Woman Susun Weed, Druid Emma Restall Orr, Witch Fiona Horne, magical author Debora Geary and many more...

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