Vanadinite Specimen 966g - Creative. Stress.

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Vanadinite is a powerful crystal for the mind in terms of thought and information processing, expression of feelings and emotions and with the setting of goals. Great for those who have mental health issues, anxiety or high levels of stress in their lives. It can help remove negative chi associated with challenging memories or difficult situations as it supports you to love yourself in every way. It promotes creativity, curiosity and playfulness so you are able to express your ideas and desires more clearly, and enable you to break free from the expectations of others.

Perfect for use in meditation as it will help you to block out those thoughts running around your head so you can channel universal energy flows more effectively. This will give you the determination you need to achieve your goals through clarity of thought, organisation, vitality and hard work.

This beautiful crystal will help you remember your life purpose, to put your spirit into action and to rise above everyday challenges that may come your way. It will ground your soul into your physical body so you can be more comfortable in the environment. 

Comes in a gift box, with sage from our gardens and information card. 

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