Shamanic Journeying Bracelet with Lava Beads -Sterling Silver


This amazing Shamanic Journeying bracelet has been designed for those who like to journey on a regular basis with the reassurance of being adequately protected during one’s travels.

The stones we have selected for this mission are:

Labradorite the powerful wind element stone used for magic and divination, it activates the inner eye allowing one to clearly envision the past, future, and distant places of the lower, upper and middle worlds.

Iolite takes you on the inner path of the deep self, it increases the vividness and detail of inner visions and by calling up symbols from deep within the psyche assisting one to face issues required for continued growth. The beautiful violet energy of Iolite activates and clears the third eye so that one is open to visions, awareness and communication from higher vibratory realms.

Amethyst has been prized for its beauty and energy for thousands of years, a stone of spiritual protection and purification, it stimulates the crown chakra helping one to still thought’s and move to higher states of consciousness. Amethyst can clear negative thoughts and attachments from the energy field enabling spiritual light to assist in the prevention of psychic attack.

Mookaite Jasper reawakens the ability to simply know the right direction to take in physical or non-physical travel, emanating the energy of the animal instinct, it allows one to connect with the spirits of our ancestors and power animals by activating the third eye and root chakras for intuitive perception of the Earths energies and life force as they vibrate through our world.

Silver and crystals compliment each other  because silver actually absorbs the unique properties emitted by the crystals, so the wearer gets double the benefit. Silver connects the physical and astral bodies ensuring a safe return for the wearer during astral travel. Silver therefore works very well with any gemstone chosen. Vibrates to the Number 4. 

The black lava stone is a porous grounding stone which you can scent with essential oils for a relaxing or stimulating effect, of your choice.

Finally, the Lava stone which is a porous grounding stone which you can scent with essential oils for a relaxing or stimulating effect of your choice.

Chakras: All

If you wish to have magical and safe shamanic journeys this is the most amazing bracelet for you…enjoy

The standard sizes of our bracelets fit wrist size 15.5cm, if you require a different size, please send us a message after ordering and will ensure you receive the correct size. 

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