Seraphinite and Prehnite - Highest order of Angelic connection.

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Seraphinite (derived from the Seraphim) is known as the stone of angel wings for its high spiritual energy, ascending throughout the system and inviting the kundalini to rise along the spine, clearing and activating each chakra along the way. It links the physical with the ethereal, it is powerful for opening communication with Devic and Angelic realms, especially those concerned with restoring the planet and humanity to a state of health and balance. It is attuned to the heart chakra, infusing the aura with vibrations of wholeness and well-being, nurturing and love. Its energies are feminine which enables connection to the divine feminine.

Seraphinite brings the body in line with light energy through the soul star and crown chakras, ideal for those who feel disconnected from their physical selves. It aids in the understanding of the nature of physicality as it brings light into the body, expressing it through glowing health.

With its high spiritual vibration, Seraphinite protects the body while the spirit is away during out-of-body journeys, to help identify changes that may be needed for peace and fulfilment. Higher spiritual beings will help you to make changes in your life, to bring you into alignment with your soul purpose for incarnating at this time.

Prehnite aids you to connect to beings on the higher spiritual planes, and enhances spiritual growth. It helps you to be prepared, as it enhances precognition or prior knowledge of an event, and the gift of prophecy.

By its action of linking your heart with your will, by its vibration within the solar plexus, it assists you to live life from a heart based perspective.

It was known in the past as a stone of magic, and this may have been because it so strongly connects you to the Divine Mind.

.925 Silver Pendant, includes a complimentary silver snake chain, white sage, information card and padded black and white gift box.

Pendant measurements are: 5cm from bail to base x 1.8cm wide x 8mm thick.

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