Self-Love Healing Collection - A Journey to Inner Peace & Happiness

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Our Self-Love Healing collection makes a perfect gift for yourself or a friend who may need some self-love healing guidance.

Self-Love Australian Author Akal Pritman, provides practical ways to work with the seven main chakras and aura, the energy of the moon, the elements, the seasons, crystals, aromatherapy, mantras and mudras, and the art of making love, along with healthy plant-based recipes and cleansing and self-nurturing practices.

This collection is gift wrapped and includes: 

Self-Love Oracle Cards 

Self-Love Journal 

Self-Love Book

Rose Quartz ritual sand 

Rose Petals in a glass jar with a crystal inside 

Piece of natural Rose Quartz

Pink Ritual Candle 

White Pentacle Candle Holder 

Incense and incense holder with peace symbol 

Gift wrapped and sent with love, includes postage. 

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