Rose Quartz Dual Massage Roller

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The Rose Quartz Dual Massage Roller is the perfect addition to your daily skincare and relaxation ritual.

This dual ended massage roller works by stimulating the acupressure points and releasing built up toxins. Which in turn promotes circulation and improves the skins elasticity, known to help eliminate the appearance of puffiness and fine lines.

You can use the Rose Quartz Dual Massage Roller for a variety of treatment and massage therapies. Massaging stiff facial muscles around the jaw, cheeks and forehead can be very therapeutic and helps relax the face. Or why not treat yourself to a massage while applying your facial serums or oils, and reawaken your youthful glow.

We recommend massaging daily, as it boosts blood flow and increases oxygen supply, bringing nutrients and hydration to the skin cells. The roller can also be used for relieving stress in the facial muscles, which seems to accumulate tension as we get older.

Using the wide end of the roller, starting at the jawline, massage in an outward direction to assist with puffiness across the face, neck, shoulders, back and upper chest.

Use the narrow end around the eye area to massage in your eye serum or cream to the upper brow bone and under eye area. To assist with fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend using the roller in an upward direction. 

Rose Quartz  is the stone of love, love for oneself, friends and family, loved ones, the Earth, Universe and the Divine. Rose Quartz helps with healing of the heart, its soothing vibrations are a balm for emotions, easing tension and stress, dissolving anger, resentment, fear and suspicion. On a spiritual level Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful allies, it turns the heart towards love, it bathes the body, mind and spirit in a beautiful healing energy, and it carries the loving consciousness of the divine.

Measurements: 15.5cm tall x 7cm wide, x 2.6cm thick. Includes a white padded, magnetic flip gift box, information card and white sage.  

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