Opalite Pendulum - Inner Peace

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Opalite is a man made stone, that is said to bring inner peace and helps stabilise mood swings. It is a very popular stone and when held, it provides a 'trance like' inner peace feeling. 

The power of the Pendulum has been used since the beginnings of time. Those with the knowledge of its use have located buried treasure, discovered hidden water, divined the future and reaped success of all kinds. 

Today, many people still use the pendulum to help make important decisions, like do I really need to purchase another pair of shoes? Or selecting a job, and even finding lost objects, and they are also commonly used in healing practices.

They can also be worn as a necklace, used as a protection charm, or hanging in light filled window.  

Each Pendulum comes with a pouch and white sage for cleansing and a guide on 'how to use a pendulum'. 

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