Myrrh Resin 50g - Protection. Meditation. Healing. Spirituality.


Myrrh purifies the area, lifts the vibrations and creates peace. It has been known to increase the power of any incense to which it is added and is often used in healing incenses and sachets.

Myrrh was burned to Ra at noon in ancient Egypt, and was also fumed in the temple of Isis.

Can be used in the making of your own incense sticks. Beautiful blended with Frankincense.

Myrrh is used to consecrate, purify and bless objects such as amulets, talismans and charms. Aids in meditation and contemplation.

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Moon. Element: Water. Deities: isis. Adonis. Ra. Marian. 

Botanical name: Commiphora myrrha. 50g in Glass Pot with a charged clear quartz.

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