Lucky Hand Root - Employment, Luck, Protection, Money & Travel.


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Lucky Hand Root is a root from an orchid plant and is one of the most famous New Orleans magical botanicals. 

Place in sachets and conjure bags for luck, general success. Carry with you for interviews and to maintain a job. 

Fill a jar with rose oil, place several lucky hands into the oils and let them soak for 9 nights. When power is required for a a certain situation take a Lucky Hand Root out of the jar and rub it gently on your hands. Then place the root in an appropriate location e.g for money place it near money or in your wallet, for love wear it near your heart, etc. 

Botanical name: Orchis Spp. Folk Names: Salep. Five Finger Root. 

Gender: Feminine. Planet: Venus. Element: Water

One piece per pack.

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