Himalayan Quartz Specimen 2.6 kilos - Self Healer, Barnacles, Druzy, Shovel Crystal..


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This is a beautiful huge piece of himalayan quartz, with lots of amazing crystal formations going on. Self healing crystals at the base, with a shovel terminated point at the top, with a cool and unusual flat point growing in between the two major points; 

Cathedral crystals help you to recognise your inner value and worth, and connect your universal right to prosperity and abundance. 

One of the points has a 'shovel like' shape formation, which is said to enhance meditation and also help those who are working on past trauma and releasing emotional wounds. 

There is possibly a dry enhyrdo pocket crystal inside, which is also good for self- healing work.

At the base of the crystal are lots of tiny triangle self healing crystals. These crystals are used for any kind of self healing work, especially for enhancing self-love. Self healing crystals are particularly good for healers, care givers, nurses, counsellors, etc, when feeling drained after certain healing sessions.

There are a few druzy crystals on this unusual piece, that symbolise gratitude and remind you to not take things for granted. 

Barnacle crystals are used for de-cluttering, and for detoxing the physical body. When used correctly Barnacle crystals can help you see the truth in a deceiving situation. 

This pieces has not been washed and come as seen, happy to provide a video if required. 


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