Harmony Chakra Therapy Box

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Vishuddha - The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra, located in the throat region, it connects us to our expressive self, reinforcing communication, speech and healing.

When off balance there may be issues of self-expression, fear of no power or control.

When in balance, we can express our truth without worrying about what others might think. 

Use this Throat Chakra Therapy for regulating the energy associated with authenticity, creativity, understanding, communication, truth, and self-expression!

Harmony Chakra Therapy Box includes:  Instructions and Mantra. 125ml Harmony Chakra Mist, 1x Natural Beeswax Tea Light, 10ml Harmony Organic Essential Oil, 1x Lapis Lazuli Crystal with a sprig of our homegrown organic white sage & 100g Harmony Chakra Ritual Bath Soak.

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