Halloween Ritual for Prosperity & Protection

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Every Halloween at midnight we burn orange and black candles for protection and prosperity for the rest of the year. We like to put the candles in a grid of Jet to boost our ritual, Black Obsidian for protection, Carnelian for prosperity and a natural Citrine generator for manifestation, we then activate the grid with a powerful Lemurian wand and ask our ancestors and the universe for protection and prosperity. 

We like to use the same crystals every year, so we have gifted you a wooden pentacle box with red velvet inside to store your charged crystals. When you feel you need some protection or good luck, open the box and soak up the powerful magic they hold. 

Tips for set up - Be as creative as you like. You can use a Crystal Grid Mat with a glass plate over the top and stick the candles to it, by melting the bottom of the candle and setting in the melted wax. You can use a mirror and do the same. Odraw a grid in sand, salt or earth!  

Includes: 6x Jet Tumbles. 6x Black Obsidian Tumbles. 6x Carnelian Tumbles. 1x Natural Citrine generator. 1x Lemurian Wand. 1x Red Velvet Pentacle Wooden Box. 3x Orange Candles. 3x Black Candles. 

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