Green Man - Preseli Bluestone Carving


Our beloved Green Man, made from Preseli Bluestone. Preseli is known to help you connect with the energy of past lives in Celtic Britain. The Stonehenge Stone Circle is made from this beautiful and very powerful stone. 

I saw you in the forest, 

your eyes so deep and green.  

I saw you in the fields, dancing there unseen. 

I heard your breath of life

as you tickled leaf and blade.

I wondered at your rippling skin

of amber, gold and jade.

I banish smog and poisons

as I bring you in my life. 

I release all pain and suffering,

I refuse to live in strife. 

your gifts of joy and bounty

are welcomed into this place. 

Pray bring blessings to each season,

and to this sacred space.

Taken from Silver Ravenwoods Book The Solitary Witch

The measurements are approximately 50mm diameter.

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