Galena with Cabaltoan 1580g - Shadow Work - Release Emotional Blockage

$390.00 $195.00

A very unique and rare combination of galena with veins of pink cobaltoan running through it.

Galena is a powerful mirror, reflecting light into the deepest, darkest region of our shadow self.

Cobaltoan calcite has bright pink hues and sparkles, especially under light.

Properties of Cobaltoan Calcite, also known as Aphrodite Stone and Salrose are:

  • activates, heals & expands your Heart Chakra.
  • opens you up to all the forms of love – from attracting it to both loving yourself & others.
  • helps you to learn & know the meaning of true compassion.
  • heals inner child issues.
  • helps you to release buried emotions.
  • connects you with the angelic realm.
  • deepens meditation.

You will receive this piece, gift wrapped. 

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