Elestial Amethyst Cluster Dark Purple 1.435kg - Angelic Realm - RARE

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Amethyst Elestials carry the wisdom and knowledge of the past into the present. The information these precious crystals hold inspire deep and profound healing for individual, the mass conscious mind, the animal kingdom and our beloved Earth. Amethyst Elestials are birthed from the heart and soul of Gaia. Their creation, inspired by the Angelic Realm, are a gift of pure love given to all life living in and upon the Earth, and to the Earth as well.

Amethyst Elestial’s soul purpose is to restore perfection to the basic elements of life, physically, spiritually and dimensionally. Their consciousness holds the vision of balance, harmony and oneness which they vibrate out to all life, waiting for each individual consciousness to awaken. Amethyst Elestials reignite our passion for life, connect us to the Angelic Realm and deepen our awareness of the Divine vibrating in all that is. They open intuition and connection to our authentic self as they dissolve the negative thought forms, beliefs and blocks that interfere with our greater expression of love.

Amethyst Elestials channel our spiritual experience into the physical, teach us right use of will and open us to receive the Divine flow of Love that is ever moving from the Cosmic Mind and Heart of Creator. They guide us in manifesting our deepest held desires, calm and uplift and bestow a sense of tender joy to all who invite their healing Light into their experience.  Because of the vibration of Love that Amethyst Elestials carry, they create a natural force field of protection that fills, surrounds and cradles as their magical energies work to restore, transform and awaken while grounding the Divine frequencies of Love deep into our beloved Earth.

In healing Amethyst Elestials are believed to help re-establish balance wherever illness of imbalance is present, ease issues associated with the bones/skeletal system and ease pain. They are also thought to detox the physical as well as energetic bodies.

1.160grams, see photos for structure of points. 

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